The latest happenings at Centennial Hall


808, 2018

Upcoming August 11th – Old Home Day

Upcoming August 11th
Old Home Day returns in North Hampton with trolley tours stopping by our Open House hours at Centennial Hall from 10-2.
Later on in the day; from 4-5, come see the spectacular Centennial Hall Jazz Band featuring Zack Lange of the Soggy Po Boys.
808, 2018

Upcoming August 10th – Old Home Day

Upcoming August 10th- Friday night 7-9 pm
Centennial Hall kicks off the return of Old Home Day with an old-fashioned Contra Dance featuring  Liz Faiella
Please join in with a donation to the FOCH
408, 2018

Milestone Birthday Celebration

Another wonderful milestone birthday celebration is planned at the Hall this afternoon for a former Centre School alumni. Centennial Hall Celebrating the Community Spirit!

1207, 2018

Hitting the Streets

More grants are hitting the streets as we look to complete our “pre-match” for the LCHIP grant application to be awarded in December. All grant opportunities that fit our classification are being pursued.
2106, 2018

LCHIP Grant Application Submitted

Historic Preservation and Restoration Specialist, Steve Bedard and Board President, Marcy McCann, delivered Centennial Hall’s  LCHIP grant application and all necessary attachments to George Born, Historic Resource Specialist in the Concord office with 24 hours to spare!! Lots of effort involved in preparing such a detailed grant request. Thanks to all who assisted in the accumulation of data and preparation of material in what we hope to be an grand grant-bearing document!

1406, 2018

Welcome Board Advisory Members

The FOCH are pleased to announce five new members have joined the Board as Advisory Members. Welcome to: Lauri Etela, Lisa Masoulf, Jim Better, Jim Holway, Bruce Kirk.

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